Senco OEM Preformed Gasket AC0141 FramePro
Senco OEM Preformed Gasket AC0141 FramePro
Senco OEM FramePro Preformed O-ring Gasket. For FramePro and SCN60 SCN65 Models. This is the O-ring gasket between the cap and the body.
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AC0141 O-ring Gasket
AC0141 O-ring Gasket
AC0141 O-ring Gasket
Aftermarket O-ring
Correct size and Thickness
This is NOT Preformed like the OEM Gasket.
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This is the O-ring Gasket Part AC0141 that seals the cap to the main body. Note: these are not preformed as the Senco OEM gaskets are, but regular O-rings the correct size and thickness, just fit them in the groove cut into the cap. Use the link below to add to your order other FramePro kits I carry.

For the Models below

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