Repair the F350s Powermaster Plus

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Make: Paslode
Model: F350s PowerMaster Plus
Part #: 501000
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Gasket Leaks

Crews tend to drop them by their airline, this can warp the body, resulting in a gasket leak.
Major gasket leaks can be fixed with auto gasket adhesive, minor ones with teflon thread tape, just a layer or three where it is leaking.

Gun not firing

If the gun leaks at the trigger and wont fire, take the cap off and check the valve. Push it in with both thumbs, it should pop back on it’s own.
If not, remove and clean the cap where the O-rings seal against it, oil.


If the driver stays at the bottom of the gun, it can cause mis-fires, usally the result of a worn driver O-ring.
You can get a little more life from it by packing it out with a doubled rubber band.