Repair your Paslode.

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Kit available on eBay
Paslode Framing Nailer Orings + 402011 Kit All 5300 Series 5325/80 5350/90S PM

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Rebuilding the 5300 series

Models + part #

5300/75s    #403040
5325/80s    #404030 + 404030NT
5350/90s    #402025 + 402025NT
5350/90s PM  #404910
5350 #?
Does NOT include
F350-S PowerMaster #501000
IMCT Impulse #900420

Troubleshooting common problems

Leaks from the back exhaust —– Worn O-rings in the Valve Blue

Air blowing from the back exhaust —– Broken or missing cylinder seal Red

Gun fires intermittently —– Worn driver O-ring Green

Gun doesn’t fire, leaks from trigger —– Valve in a bind, stuck Blue