Senco SCN65 for parts or repair

senco partsOn eBay
$40 + $15 to ship
says for parts or repair
These guns have a good reputation
<<– click picture to go to auction

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New Hitachi Nailer NR 83A3 S

hitachiNewest NR83 version NR 83A3 S
$349.00 Delivered in the US
Tool-less depth adjustment allows you to easily adjust to different nails or materials
Selective actuation allows transition from sequential nailing to “bump-fire” with ease
Driving port suited for a wide range of available nails
<<– click picture to go to, on ebay

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New Bostitch N100C Coil Nailer

On eBay
$727.00 delivered in the US
Shoots up to 4″ coil nailer
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William Hendricks & Co.
410 Mill St
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-1706

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